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The Power of A Kept Promise

A kept promise is so much better than an unexpected surprise. When you make a promise it gives the individual on the other end of the deal something to look forward to. Not only do they have something to look forward to but a promise adds a sense of security to any situation.

There is power in a kept promise because it shows that your word is your bond and it restores faith in humanity. To be a promise keeper it sometimes causes you to have to give when you don't feel like it and/or when you feel like you can't afford it. How many times have you promised someone something and then when the time comes to complete the promise you change your mind because not it's inconvenient for you? Have you ever wondered how it makes the person on the other end of the agreement feel? It's a horrible feeling!

I've been on both ends of the agreement. I've been a promise maker who didn't follow through and I've also been that person on the end receiving the promise only to be let down. I often wonder how my life would have been enriched if I'd kept all of the promises I made to others. I also wonder how enriched the receiver's life would be if I had kept the promised I made. Understanding that I can't go back in time and change the past, I make a personal declaration to not make promises that I don't intend to keep and to keep promises I've made even if it's inconvenient in that moment.

There is power in a kept promise and that power has the ability to restore faith in humanity and to bring lives together in a positive way.

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