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Human Books? An Interesting and Enlightening Read.

About a month ago I had the pleasure of attending and participating in an amazing event. This event was entitled the "Human Library". Prior to being asked to be a "Human Dictionary", I had never heard of this concept. I was instantly intrigued and excited to dive into the opportunity and to learn as much as possible about the "Human Books" that were on display.

The moment I arrived at the venue I knew it would be an amazing event. The "Human Books" ranged from that of "The Caribbean Step-Daughter of A White Supremacist" to "The Peaceful Skydiver" and so many more titles in between. I had the pleasure of serving as a "Human Dictionary" for the book titled "The Caribbean Step-Daughter of A White Supremacist". When I was first presented with this opportunity and told the title, I instantly became intrigued and wanted to know more. That day I learned so much from this amazing young lady and I was given so much insight on her story that in the midst of serving as her "dictionary" I found myself asking more and more questions.

I met and "read" so many amazing stories on this day. The "Peaceful Skydiver" book was a good read because he stimulated the Pescatarian yogi side of me. He talked about meditation and yoga. Prior to any of the books being checked out he lead us through a breathing activity to calm our nerves and create an atmosphere of peace.

I also read a book that told the story of a non-traditional minister/pastor. The title of her book was "Not Yo Momma's Pastor". This title came about as a brainstorming activity in the backroom while we were waiting for the library to open. She talked about how her ministry wasn't that of a traditional ministry and she wanted to make it known that she's not the type of minister or Pastor most in the older generation or early religion would relate to. We all thought her book was amazing and encouraged her to continue to add to the chapters.

Upon leaving the library, after sitting with readers and observing readers of other books, I felt a sense of calm and I felt like humanity had taken a huge leap in the right direction. We've all heard the saying "don't judge a book by it's cover" and this saying is so very true. However, what I would like to encourage you all to do is to actually open up the book, the human book, and allow others to read the pages within. Often times we keep our stories looked up and we don't allow anyone to explore the pages of our life's journey. How freeing it is when your life is an open book and others are able to glean from your experiences.

If you've never attended a "Human Library" event, I encourage you to attend the next one. You will not be disappointed and the stories you read will give you a much needed boost.

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