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Chapter 1 – Love Is…

Love is … unbreakable; it is strength in the weakest moments. Love is a connection that is never broken, a communication that is always understood, and a covering that never shames.


What is this love thing that everyone talks about? Is it the feeling I get when I am watching my favorite singer in a music video and scream like a crazy person, “Oh I love him/her?” Is it the feeling many mothers feel after giving birth? Could it be the first time we felt a tender kiss, or the first time you sat on a beach and saw the wonders of God’s creation? My search for the answer to this question is by no means complete. It has become a daily journey filled with compassion, acceptance, grace, and trust.


God is love, and He is the epitome of all of these attributes. So the question is: how can we walk in the love He has given and share it with everyone we come in contact with? This doesn’t call for deep intellect, because we can never outsmart God, but it calls for deep compassion, which leads to love.

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