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“Tina Jackson writes from a place of

raw and endearing emotional honesty.

The Educator, Speaker, and author

details her experiences in her first book

"Go Deeper: Inspirational Life Lessons That Took Me

from Merely Surviving to Purposeful Living.”"

Tina's Testimony

The title “Go Deeper” expresses my desire to look beyond the surface actions, emotions or expressions of others and see the deeper meaning and cause behind what they do or say. My journey to becoming a writer started at a very early age because I was very withdrawn and my only escape was writing. I started off writing songs that expressed the feelings of that moment, and then I began writing my thoughts in a diary. Later in life, after being told several times from several teachers in both high school and college, I decided to delve into this professional writing process as a healing mechanism for myself as well as others. “Go Deeper” is very dear to me because it puts so many of my personal life experiences on display for all to read. If I had one wish concerning this book it would be that it opens the consciousness of others to the great healing power of compassion and acceptance. I share so much because I want to show the power of taking my own pain and turning that into power that ultimately gave me strength to be empathetic, understanding and forgiving.


The overall writing experience was freeing. Each chapter left me feeling like I’d released a heavy weight that had me bound. By the time I finished the last chapter I was emotionally drained because I poured so much of myself into the pages of this book. There were nights I cried because of the memories I’d suppressed and other times I went to bed thankful because I saw a change in myself. I no longer saw my past as something horrible but I knew all I went through was for the purpose of helping others.


As a writer I am inspired by just about anything. I drive down the street and notice someone on the side of the road; I wonder about their life, what they are feeling in that moment. I can be in a crowded grocery store and I notice a couple shopping together; I wonder what their story is, are they in love, does he cherish her and does she respect him. I see a flock of birds flying overhead and I try to figure out which one is the leader and are the others aimlessly following with the greatest form of trust. Life, love and God’s creations inspire me.
My future plans for writing are to continue writing until I can’t do it anymore. I want to ignite a sense of compassion across the globe and inspire others to share their own stories of victory.

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